Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life Programme

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Developed by Patrick Holford, Zest4life is a healthy, balanced approach to overhauling your health and wellbeing over a 6 week period. Each week you will learn how to combat your cravings, balance your blood sugar levels, improve your energy levels and look at emotional triggers around food. I will coach you to stay motivated, adopt the right mind-set and achieve your health goals. In addition to losing weight and improving energy level, clients report a greater sense of wellbeing by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

You may feel tired, stressed, have aches and pains, sleep problems and weight issues, especially around the middle that just won’t shift. Whatever your health concerns, Zest4life is a step by step programme to transform your energy levels, tackle any health issues, get back into top shape, lose the belly fat and feel like your ‘best’ self again.

If you are serious about transforming your health and living life to the full and know that you need the support and motivation to get there, call today to schedule your initial free 20 minute consultation to see if Zest4life might be right for you.

Zest4life Cost

  • The cost for the 6 sessions is €349.

On your Zest4life programme, you will receive:

  • 6 Nutritional Therapy sessions where you learn how to follow Patrick Holford’s low GL programme.
  • Motivation coaching week by week to break through your limiting beliefs and help you achieve your health goals.
  • The Nutrition Success Formula programme manual.
  • Low GL recipes to support you.

Zest4life programmes run in Clontarf and Monkstown