Stress Management Programme

stress-management-course-dublinDo You Need Help With Stress Managment?

It seems we are all stressed in this day and age. The effects of stress can be detrimental to our health.

We often think that stress is purely emotional but in reality, stress often manifests physically as pain, digestive issues, inflammation, sleep problems and many other symptoms that we regularly see in the clinic. We increase the stress load further on the body through poor diet and lifestyle choices. It can seem like a vicious circle where our energy levels are dropping, our weight (particularly around the middle) is increasing and we are out of whack.

We need to realize that the body needs nutritious food, good sleep, restorative exercise and to be nurtured. Often, our biochemistry may be out, so the assistance of supplements is necessary to bring it back under control.

What Does A Stress Management Programme Include?

This 6-week programme consists of an initial consultation where a complete history of your health and current health status will be taken. You will be given some initial nutrition guidance to take away. Next, you will complete a Comprehensive Adrenal Stress test which is a saliva test. This will be returned to the laboratory for results. Your first follow up session will take place once the lab results are back at which point a tailored plan will be drawn up for you and supplements may be recommended to bring the biochemistry back in line. Each of the subsequent 4 consultations will monitor your progress and address a different aspect of managing your overall stress.

Is testing my Stress Hormones included?

Yes, this programme includes the Comprehensive Adrenal Stress test.

Our Stress Management Program is Tailored to You and Your Health.

It Includes:

  • 6 Nutritional Therapy sessions tailored specifically to you
  • Comprehensive Adrenal Stress test
  • Guidance on other laboratory tests, if relevant
  • Nutritional support programme including personalised dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice to help your body handle stress and bring your biochemistry back into sync.

Let’s get started! To book your consultation or ask any questions you may have, get in touch now.