Corporate Wellness – Optimise Wellbeing, Memory & Mood

A Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme to Optimise Wellbeing, Memory & Mood

The Aim

Designed to enhance the performance, resilience and overall well-being of your staff. This programme consists of a series of 6 interactive workshops covering key diet and lifestyle topics that research has shown to be crucial for optimal mental and physical health.

The aim is to help each attendee build a thorough and robust approach to maintaining and improving their overall performance.

The programme is grounded in scientific research and designed through worksheets so that each attendee has a clear action plan and are supported to implement manageable changes.

What will we cover?

Over  6 interactive, hands-on workshops, we will cover the following topics, each topic will build on the previous week so you have a cohesive plan.

  1. Getting started – Your Health & Wellness Goals
  2. Nutrition for Optimum Mental Performance
  3. Exercise & Brain Training
  4. Optimising Gut Health
  5. Sleep
  6. Stress Reduction

Why run the Programme?

  • The focus of this programme is on  overall wellbeing including mental wellness and building resiliance as well as addressing issues such as brain fog, low mood, poor memory, stress, anxiety and concentration difficulties.
  • Offering this programme to your team encourages individuals to become aware and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.
  • Encourage collaboration and motivation around healthy initiatives.
  • Pricing includes recipes, worksheets and all course materials.