Corporate Wellness – Metabolic Age

A programme focused on making measurable diet and lifestyle changes over a 5 week period.

What will we cover?

First each employee completes a Health & Energy Questionnaire. Then they book in for a Body Composition Consultation where they are weighed to get a print out and mini consultation on their numbers, which includes the following health markers:

  • Metabolic Age (body age as opposed to chronological age)
  • Weight
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat %
  • Hydration Levels
  • Visceral Fat (the dangerous fat around the organs which increases your risk of type II diabetes and heart disease)

Week 1. Measurement, Setting Goals & Getting Started with Nutrition

Week 2: Exercise

Week 3:  Stress

Week 4:  Sleep

Week 5:  Results and Moving Forward

The Aim

The focus of this programme is on optimizing nutrition, balancing blood sugar levels, dealing with cravings, increasing energy levels and muscle mass to improve overall health scores. Week by week, we take body composition measurements, set goals, analyse the food diary and look at making manageable healthy changes going forward.

Why run this Programme?

  • This programme focuses on  improving health and energy levels and overall measurable health markers
  • Offering this programme to your team encourages individuals to become aware and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.
  • Encourage collaboration and motivation around healthy initiatives.
  • Pricing includes recipes, worksheets and all course materials.