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Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

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We inherit our genes from our parents, that bit we can’t change. What we now know is that just because we have a genetic predisposition, this is not the automatic default. For example if you carry the APOE4 gene, you then have a genetic predisposition to Alzeimers. Does this mean you will definitely get Alzeimers. […]


Are You A Sugar Addict?

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Sugar Addict

Do you crave chocolate or sugary treats? Do you have energy slumps or need caffeine to get you going in the morning or get you through the day? Are you addicted to sugar? The thing about sugar is that it is everywhere, we can get our hands on it any time of day or night. We feed […]


Ginger Tea

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Here in Ireland, we have been trapped in our homes over the past week while the Beast from the East and then Storm Emma battered our green isle leaving snow drifts up to 6 feet in place. As farmers and food manufacturers struggled to make deliveries, bread  became the most valued commodity and most of […]