The Brain Health Programme

What if you could learn to take control of your brain health?

Today, dementia is the leading cause of death of women in the UK. This is so sad, and it makes sense that we would want to take a proactive approach to preserving our most valuable asset, our brain.

Designed to optimise brain health and cognitive function, the Brain Health Programme is a nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme. As a licenced practitioner, I run the Brain Health Programme which consists of a series of interactive workshops covering key diet and lifestyle topics that research has shown to be crucial for optimal brain health. The goal is to optimise wellbeing, memory and mood.

What you’ll learn at the Brain Health Workshop

We cover 6 topics over the duration of this interactive, hands-on workshop. The objective is to help you build a thorough and robust approach to maintaining and improving your brain health. The programme is grounded in scientific research and designed through workbooks so that you have a clear action plan and are supported to implement manageable changes.

  1. Nutrition for the brain
  2. Optimising Gut Health
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress Reduction
  5. Exercise
  6. Brain Training

Why should I attend the Brain Health Programme?

  • You are concerned about your risk of cognitive decline now or in the future and you want to maintain a sharp brain
  • You experience brain fog, low mood, poor memory, stress, anxiety or difficulty concentrating
  • You have been affected by a relative that has a diagnosis of dementia or alzeimers
  • You want to be proactive and empowered to take control of your brain health both for yourself and your loved ones
  • Drug therapy for Alzeimers has failed and only 1 out of 243 drugs has had any success in slowing symptoms in the short term. You want to take a hands-on approach to maintaining your health.

This programme is offered locally in the community and in-house to Corporates..

Be empowered to make better decisions and take control of your brain heath. Call  087 355 3664 today / email: for further information.


Note: All Nutritional Therapists licenced to run the Brain Health programme are qualified with recognised qualifications. They hold insurance and are registered with the CNHC in the UK or NTOI in Ireland.